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Peru Vacation Packages to See the Best Festivals

Nothing gives you a taste of what a country is really like than being a witness or participant to local festivals, and this is definitely true for Peru vacation packages. There is Peru guided tours that can help you take advantage of one of the many festivals held every year.

Do tourists come from thousands of miles around to see the festivals in your home town? If they do, you may wonder why they travel so far to see something you’re so used to experiencing. What you may not realize is that the festival or event in your area is unique and something those visitors haven’t seen before. Peru vacation packages that show you the wonders of this South American country can do the same for you when you plan to visit one of the traditional festivals.
Get a look at the country in a way that regular Peru guided tours just can’t show you. Experience Peru firsthand by attending a few festivals you may not have heard of prior to going on Peru vacation packages.

  • The Wine Festival

Held in the second week of March every year, the Wine Festival (Festival de la Vendimia) in the Ica region celebrates the continued harvests of local vineyards from what was once barren desert. There is more than just wine tasting at this festival, though you will indeed have the opportunity to taste local wines. Fairs, competitions, musical festivals, parties and the Queen of the Wine Festival beauty pageant. Booking Peru vacation packages around this festival is well worth it for many.

  • Nightly Dancing on AmantanĂ­ Island
If you stay overnight with a local family on AmantanĂ­ Island in Lake Titicaca as a part of your Peru vacation packages, you will be invited to dress in traditional garb and join in a nightly traditional dance show. Get to know a few locals and experience a Peruvian tradition firsthand with guidance from your hosts during this opportunity during Peru vacation packages. This happens all year round, just be sure to bring a gift for your hosts, such as food staples (except for sugar) or school supplies for children. You can also take advantage of Peru guided tours of Lake Titicaca during your stay.

  • Festival of Joy
Carnivals for the Festival of Joy are held all over Peru during February, but the biggest celebrations are held in Puno and Cajamarca so consider finding Peru guided tours to take you there to take full advantage of the celebration. Each region celebrates its own version of the festival, but each in the highland chain includes the ritual of the yunza. The Yunza involves planting a tree trunk filled with gifts, and guests dance around it, chopping at it as they go. The couple that makes the final chop is in charge of arranging next year’s yunza. Be careful of flying water though -- Peruvians often fling buckets of water at each other during this celebration.
  • International Spring Festival
Peru guided tours can help you see the exciting International Spring Festival during your stay in the last week of September in Triujillo. Thought to be the festival with the greatest splendor that the country has to offer, the week-long festival fills the streets with decorations, floats and parades. The entourage of the beauty queen is itself a sight to see. There are also various tournaments and demonstrations you can enjoy on Peru guided tours during this festival.

Visiting Peru during one of the 3,000 festivals that are held every year will give you a unique look into local culture and a more fulfilling travel experience.

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